Tip Tuesday: Why Sign Up for Lifestyle Coaching?

If you have tuned in to the last couple posts, you now know WHAT lifestyle coaching is and WHO lifestyle coaching is for. Today, I want to talk about WHY you should sign up for lifestyle coaching. Have you ever tried to start a healthy habit before? The honest truth is that it is not easy to get started and then stay consistent. Our brains prefer the status quo, because it is easy and makes our brain’s job easier. If it does not have to think and process, it just runs on auto pilot. BUT sometimes (read a lot of times) our current habits and routines are not getting us to our goals.


Yes, deciding to start something new that will benefit your health is a great place to start. Unfortunately, sometimes it ends there, with good intentions. It is not that you lack will power or you are lazy. In fact, it is just the way our brain is wired. Lifestyle coaching is a great way to keep you on track. It is someone to hold your hand, but also give a kick in the butt when your mind starts to throw a little fit.

Fresh Ideas

Starting new habits often takes thinking outside the box. When clients come to me, I always ask what they have tried in the past and what has gotten in the way. Instantly, the wheels get turning. I use psychology and habit research and real life experience to offer insights and new ideas. It takes getting outside the comfort zone to rewire the brain.


Lifestyle coaching is not anything close to boot camp. I am a compassionate provider that will become your biggest cheerleader. We celebrate every single victory and we learn a lot of lessons along the way. The path to living a healthy lifestyle is never a straight line. The biggest thing is we do it TOGETHER.

Ready for it?

Are you ready to start some healthy habits? If you have tried, but cannot stay consistent with your healthy habits to help you reach your goals, lifestyle coaching may be for you. Lifestyle coaching offers accountability, fresh ideas, and a built in cheerleader. The next step is to schedule your free phone consultation to see if we are a good fit to work together.

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