Tip Tuesday: Who Can Participate in Lifestyle Coaching?

Last week, I talked about what exactly Lifestyle Coaching is. Now that we know that it is a support program that helps people build healthy habits and routines into their daily lives, let’s look at another frequently asked question: Who can participate in lifestyle coaching?

Simple Requirements

There are two simple, but extremely important requirements to working with me in a lifestyle coaching program. The first is that you must be ready to make changes and the second is that you are willing to try new things. That is it! Just be ready and willing. Most people come to me as a last resort. They may have been trying for years to get healthier with no changes or they may have just gotten a recent diagnosis that they need to better manage. The biggest factor in reaching out for help is that everything that they have tried has not worked. So in order for us to be successful, they need to be ready to make changes and willing to do some things outside their current comfort zone.

Meet People Where the Are At

Yes, I do encourage people to try new things, but I NEVER have people do things that are beyond their ability level or that may cause safety issues. I ALWAYS meet people where they are at. We talk about goals briefly at the beginning of our work together and reevaluate at the end of the program. Then all of our work in the middle are simple, effective, small steps to get us there. I help set you up for success in our time together. I work with adults of all ages, genders, and backgrounds. I offer people empathy and compassion, because this work can bubble up a lot of self-doubt and negative thought patterns. We restructure not only our behaviors, but the thoughts and feelings behind them as well.

Are you ready and willing to try something new. I would love to hear from you (517) 234-4420.

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