White Noise

Your body and soul speak to you constantly. The reason why you may not hear the messages is because your radio station has too much static. Your life is too noisy. You may not be quite dialed in to the station. Just a couple clicks is all it takes to get a nice clean signal. Free from the white noise, the distractions, the chaos.

Whenever I find myself in a state of overwhelm or too much noise that goes on for more than a few days, I know it’s time to make space. I have to axe an obligation or take a good hard look at where my energy is being directed.

I don’t power through or get in my head about not being productive enough. I clear house. I make space. I create downtime. Very very intentionally. I get quiet. I listen. I listen some more. And then and only then, I take action.

With all of these shifts in the business going on, I have fully embraced the slow and downtime. The cancellations for Covid and rescheduling weeks out for whatever reason has been a real blessing the last couple weeks. The noise is dying down and I can hear the messages so much more clearly.

I was able to get a full grasp of a new service and roll it out.

Degrees that need to come off the wall.

Hair that needed and got a reset.

Children that need more individual attention.

A yearning for country living.

Some things are big and some are little, but I listen to it all. The thing I am trying to say is that you have to be intentional about turning down the volume on all the other noises. Life is big and loud but it is also very distracting from our truth.

What are the white noise things in your life? How can you turn the volume down on them so you can hear your soul messages more clearly?

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