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I am a curious person. It comes naturally for me. Especially, anything related to figuring out what is going on with my body. Naturally, I chose a line of work where I get to help people figure out what is going on with their bodies. My role over the years has shifted from the doer to the observer. From the solver to the teacher. And most recently from the fixer to the guide. Our body is giving us little messages and clues. I find myself asking this question a lot, and it really is my new favorite.

What Message Is Your Body Trying To Give You?

That is the question most people come to me to try to figure out. So imagine the look on my clients’ faces when I ask them. Supposedly, I am the expert. Truth is, I don’t know the answer. I actually cannot tell you what your body is telling you.

(Side note: I believe that our bodies are always a reflection of our internal world. So our emotions, mindset, spirituality, stories, etc are all reflected in our bodies.)

So if I can’t tell you exactly what your body is saying, does that make me a fraud? Nope. I will tell you why. I cannot tell you what YOUR body is saying. I am not you and I am not in your body. Also, I do not have your history and experiences. That is all very unique to you, your soul, and your body. I can tell you what is getting in the way from you hearing it though. That is my work. Relaying to you what I feel in your body, encouraging you to connect with your body, working together to connect the dots of your experiences, and moving forward with a plan.

Pointing You Back To Yourself

I firmly and evangelically believe that you have the answers inside of yourself. I will always point you back to yourself. Annoyingly so. To the spots you don’t want to look. Because that is always where the answers are. So when I ask the question what message is your body giving you, I am simply looking for clues of where to point you. Every single thing is either relevant or a distraction. I help you discern between the two.

I Don’t Know The Message

Nine times out of ten, the answer to the question is “I don’t know”. Some may see this as a cop out answer, but the truth is, life makes it really difficult to listen. And that is totally okay. This gives us the perfect place to start. If you don’t know, then step 1 is to consciously and intentionally create more time to connect with your body. Busy lives, stress, work, children, and on and on. There are a million excuses you could come up with. All of them an avoidance of yourself. Make the time to connect to your body.

You want to know why your back pain comes and goes? Or maybe its the headaches, upper back tension, muscle spasms, illnesses, injuries, etc… stop chasing symptoms and simply become an observer.

Lay down on the floor for 5 minutes every day. That’s it. A simple check-in. Notice, observe, and be consistent. Every day for 5 minutes. Put it on your calendar and just do it. It is the easiest and the most difficult thing to do at the same time. So simple that you want to blow it off, yet so profound that I am telling you that is where your answers are.

Then What?

Let’s just start with that for now. If you do it consistently for 30 days, I guarantee something will become clear. Then you have to choose to follow up with that, or choose to stay in your current reality. My work can support you in this process, but I can’t give you the quick fix, the magic answer to all your problems, or an easy way out. So, I will ask it again, what message is your body trying to give you?

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  1. […] A great teacher is someone who helps us see things in a new way, especially ourselves. Lately, my body has been my biggest teacher. It has been so interesting to see what I am able to become aware of just by paying a little bit […]

  2. […] Think of the lifestyle and health that you have and compare it to what you want. What is just the next step? It should be small and doable in the time frame of just a few weeks. If you need to break it down further, do that. Once you have your next step, be diligent and intentional about implementing it for 3 weeks. Give yourself that time to try, fail, and try again. But never give up or stop. You can do anything for 3 weeks right? At the end of 3 weeks, evaluate your experience. What was the journey like? What were the results? Then, what is the next small step and repeat. This is it. Laying the tracks and setting the direction. This is preparation for the storms. No giving up or suffering, just taking action. Habits are fun, see 😉 […]

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