What is Your Soul Saying?

Taking yesterday’s post a step further. If your body is the messenger, and your soul is the one sending messages, what is it trying to tell you?

Slow down



Dig a little deeper

When we stop the hustle and bustle we get a chance to hear the messages, clarity emerges on the next right move. I have gone from a schedule bursting at the seams and constantly adding people to it to much much slower days. My creativity and intuition actually have some room to play. It’s easy. There is no more forcing, just flowing.

I get to show up here fully because my life supports my work and not the other way around. I loved therapeutic massage, but my soul whispers were becoming screams. The aches and tension were building in my body. The stretches and regular massages weren’t doing the trick. I had been stifling the messages until I couldn’t anymore. It isn’t easy to slow down and create space, but boy is it worth it.

So I finally started listening to those body and soul messages. It became obvious very soon after that some shifts were coming. I allowed them to become a bit more clear in my head before making anything official. Again, no forcing, just ease and taking it one step at a time. And here we are.

I have been showing up in this space more authentic that ever and it feels good. My Tension Mapping service is rolling out and I get messages about it daily. I did a session yesterday and was floating on high the rest of the day. I can’t wait to share more. My body is loose and life is easy.

Sometimes it’s letting go of old stuff and sometimes it’s embracing the new. Start by slowing down and listening. It’s a practice.

If you find you need support as you start listening, Tension Mapping is a great place to start. Hands on work combined with intuitive muscle reading offers great insight for you to figure out your soul messages.

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