Tip Tuesday: What is Lifestyle Coaching?

Did you know that I am more than a Licensed Massage Therapist? That’s right! On top of helping alleviate muscle tension, addressing muscle imbalances, and helping decreasing pain, I have other services to offer. As a Certified Exercise Physiologist, I also offer Lifestyle Coaching packages. Well, “wow, that is super interesting” you may say… but what in the heck is Lifestyle Coaching?

Lifestyle Coaching Is…

Lifestyle Coaching is a totally individualized experience. It looks very different from one person to the next. The individual goals are different, but typically the process to get there is the same. Typically, people come to me because they want to make changes to their lifestyle. Whether they need to get their body moving more, eat more nutritious food, or just start taking better care of themselves mentally and physically, I can help. People generally know what it is they SHOULD or WANT to be doing to live healthy life on a daily basis, but life gets in the way. Lifestyle Coaching is a way to build habits and routines into your current life that support your health and lifestyle goals.

How does it work?

Lifestyle coaching works by getting specific about goals, breaking them down into very tiny steps, and adding in a big dose of accountability. I use research and proven methods to help people start new habits and maybe kick some old ones to the curb. For 6-8 weeks, we work very closely together and communicate often. We toss ideas around, trouble-shoot what does not work, and we celebrate every single victory that leads us in the right direction. Lifestyle change is not easy, but it is simple. I will be your coach, cheerleader, kick-in-the-pants, and biggest fan. It is quite amazing to see the changes that can happen in such a short amount of time when someone is ready to ask for help.

How do I sign up?

The first step to working with me is to do a consultation phone call. We will chat about what you are looking for, what I offer, and if we would be a good fit to work together. Ready to make some changes? Call (517) 234-4420

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