Oh you know the saying, “just go with your gut feeling”. Yeah, we have all heard it, but what is intuition really? Where does it come from? Maybe, most importantly, why does the idea of “go with your gut feeling” not really work sometimes? Let’s get into it.

The Sensitive Child

First, a little bit about my path to feeling and using my intuition. The truth is, that I was a ‘sensitive’ kid. And that is a nice way to say that I felt things, fully and strongly, and I expressed it often. Well, I also have a ‘sensitive’ kid and let me tell you that parenting a child who feels and expresses fully is no task for the faint of heart. Even being one and understanding it myself. So I have a lot of grace and compassion for my parents. They did the best the could for me. So even as a kid, I could see the truth of situations, feel when things were going to happen, and understand the bigger picture. I had it in me from the very beginning. I was ‘just a kid’ though and my feelings were big and no one wanted to hear it.

The Reckless Young Adult

So I had to tone it down and drown it out. To the point where I learned to blatantly ignore it. In my teens and twenties, I got myself into some difficult situations that way. Bad relationships, bad jobs, and even situations that were threatening to my safety. I had to learn the hard way and took the most windy path there was. I had to get so far away from myself and my knowing, that I finally realized I couldn’t live without it.

The Coming Home

That brings us to the year 2020, when the world was thrown into chaos. I was already 5 or 6 months into finding me again. Busy stripping off all the things that weren’t me. The shutdowns gave me more time and space to get deeper into it. I spent a lot of time in nature. Also, I spent a lot of time creating safety. Then, I spent a lot of time reflecting and learning about myself. I gave myself time and space and safety. Then this weird thing started happening, my identity and beliefs were being scrubbed clean. Things started to feel icky, to put it lightly.

Things I held as facts and truths no longer felt right. Aspects of my personality even started to feel weird. Taking off all of the protective layers and my intuition had returned. It was uncomfortable at first, because often intuition is not convenient. I had also built a life on ignoring my intuition, so some things needed to be reoriented. From that moment forward, I vowed to never ignore it again. That is the moment that things really turned around for me. Things got easier, more fulfilling, and overall felt really damn good.

So, What is Intuition Already?

Intuition is

  • An inner knowing
  • Messages of truth and universal wisdom
  • Our guiding compass
  • In our best and highest good
  • Void of fear and anxiety
  • The way our soul communicates to us
  • God’s voice inside our body
  • The pull of the universe towards our truth

Take which descriptive phase feels good for you. I use a combination of all of the above. The important thing to recognize is that intuition is love based and not fear based. That means that the messages are often quiet whispers or nudges. If it feels urgent and an emergency, that is not intuition’s wisdom guiding you, that is fear. So that is why “going with your gut feeling” may actually be a fear response and not intuition. As you listen more, you will learn to be able to tell the difference. Intuition keeps us on track and living in alignment with our soul and our purpose.

Who Has Access to Intuition?

I have felt these things since I was a child, but that doesn’t mean that I am unique or special. We all have access to intuition. In today’s world, though, you have to be very intentional about making time and space to hear the messages. Here are some ideas to help get you started.

  • Create safety in your body and your environment
  • Build in quiet downtime daily, weekly, and monthly
  • Practice listening and taking small actions, daily
  • Take a break from looking outside yourself (asking friends, google, professionals) for answers

This can be difficult work, but it is necessary. Why is intuition important?The more we listen and build trust in ourselves, the more comfortable and confident we feel in knowing the truth and answers in a world build on chaos and overwhelm. And once you listen, you can’t unhear it.

If this resonates with you at all, but you don’t know where to start, I am offering 90 minute 1-on-1 coaching intensives where we carve out a path for you to find and develop your intuition. Email me CLARITY at candicemcurrie@gmail.com to get on the list.

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