What I’m Reading: Awakening The Goddess by Krystal Aranyani

I actually read this book cover to cover months ago. It’s a super quick read and now I use it more as a reference book. Not all of it resonates with me, but I have found some super useful tools for connecting to my inner feminine and giving myself permission to be a feminine being in a very masculine world.

To me that looks like more being and less doing. More feeling into my body for answers and less over thinking, anxiety, and worry. More flow and less force. More rest. More quiet. Less stimulation. Honoring my body, my cycle, my system.

The things I found the most useful in this book were the tools that helped connect me to my body and then my intuition: mirror gazing, writing, dancing, listening to my heart, moon rituals, gratitude, forgiveness, and letting go. I learned that my natural pace is a lot slower than the world around me and that is OKAY.

I also learned that when I am connected to myself, the rest of the people I am connected to benefit as well. My children and my partner especially, but also my friends, my clients, strangers… they all get the best version of me when I am connected to myself and making these practices a regular part of my life.

During Tension Mapping sessions I can feel the feminine calling out in desperation. It comes through in pelvic imbalance, hip pain, and obvious one-sided issues or injuries. Masculine and feminine energies are meant to work together within us, in harmony.

Feeling desire in our hearts(feminine energy)and then using our brains and skills (masculine energy) to carry it out. It’s a beautiful system when in balance. More often than not though, it’s not. Are you in balance? Is your body trying to tell you that a shift needs to happen?

Under the to-do lists and deadlines and caretaking and handling all of the things is a part of you that simply wants to “be”.

Are you ready to uncover it?

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