What I am Reading: A New Earth by Eckhart Tolle

I was just talking today with a client about how I can feel when people are “mind possessed” or are in their head too much. It’s a severe tension in the face, scalp, and usually down into the neck. The neck comes along with the territory of rigid thinking also.

This passage not only describes some physical symptoms of thinking too much, but also the social repercussions. You become disconnected from the present moment and unable to have genuine interactions and therefore disconnected from the people around you. Disconnected from yourself and others, you are left floundering around.

Hmmm… sounds a bit too close to home in the good ole USA these days.

Your mind can’t solve all your problems. It actually creates more. Get grounded. Get in your body. Get quiet. Then listen to the whispers that come from that pure place beyond the mind.

Check in with your scalp. Use both hands and spread your fingers wide. Put your fingers on your scalp using light pressure and move around in tiny circles? Is there movement or does it feel really stuck? Do the same thing with your forehead?

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