What Happens When You Fuel Your Body

A couple months ago, I wanted to give you permission to eat. This week, I want to tell you all about what happened when I gave myself permission to eat, eat well, and eat frequently. Many of you have been following along here for a bit. In June of 2021, I attempted a Whole 30. That reset program may work for some, but it did NOT work for me. I came out of that month down 10 pounds and weighing my “goal weight”, but I felt absolutely miserable. I felt literally hung over, I had a painful ovarian cyst, and my digestion was A MESS.

Diving In

I have spent the last year unraveling all sorts of messaging around nutrition. That including doing my research, read books and articles, and even took some self-study courses. I learned about hormonal health and I learned about nourishment. It turns out, my body is not meant to weight 160 pounds and there is a reason why I felt like garbage. Most importantly, I learned how to LISTEN to my body and stop doing what all the “experts” told me I should do. I found a program and a lifestyle that felt good for my body. I started eating well, eating frequently, and eating purposefully. The rest is history.

What Happens When You Eat to Nourish

There have been some pretty dramatic changes over the last year. The biggest ones relate to how I feel.

  • My anxiety has basically disappeared
  • My energy is consistent
  • My body feels good overall and my “usual areas of tension” just do not exist any more
  • My stomach issues and bloating concerns no longer occur
  • My bowel movements are regular and predictable
  • My period has been lighter and less painful than ever before
  • My hair, skin, and nails are all brighter and stronger
  • My patience does not wear out like it used to
  • I sleep deeper and wake up more well-rested
  • My hands are not constantly cold
  • My appetite is fully present and my metabolism is active
  • My hormones are doing their jobs and my cycle is more regular and my sex drive is strong
  • I have been more focused at work and more creative as well

Worth It

Basically every area of my life has improved since I made feeding myself a priority. I did gain weight (gasp!) AND it sits in all the right places. The truth is, the weight doesn’t bother me. I trust that this path I am on is the healthiest way to take care of my body. When my nutrient stores are consistent and my body feels safe, my weight will find where it is supposed to be. This is a journey. Even though I have been implementing Jessica Ash’s Fully Nourished program for about a year, I know that it takes time to repair these systems. The improvements I have already seen speak for themselves. I will never got back to a restrictive way of eating again.

One weird and unexpected side effect of feeding myself well has been the safety I have created and how much more connected I feel to myself. It has allowed me to connect further with my values, my intuition, and my work. I cannot imagine living any other way. Connected to my body, to God, and to everything.

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