Weird Unexpected Side Effect

There is a weird unexpected side effect that happens when you start to listen to your intuition. It happened to me, and it happened to everyone I know that is intentional about listening to their intuition. First let’s get into the steps of how to learn to listen to your intuition. Then, I will explain the weird thing that happens once you do.

Step 1: Decide

That’s it. Simply decide that you are going to be intentional about listening to your intuition.

Step 2: Create Safety

This step looks a little bit different for everyone. Safety for some people looks simply like taking good care of themselves with good sleep habits, proper and adequate nutrition, moving their bodies regularly and being in supportive relationships. All great things and great places to start. For me, the process of creating safety looked like this…

  • Joining support groups and finding mentorship
  • Finding and being in a loving and supportive romantic relationship
  • Not wasting a lot of time and energy on surface level friendships
  • Consistent bed time and wake up time
  • Fully nourishing my body with good food
  • Embracing childcare
  • Scheduling downtime and alone time
  • Creating a business and doing work that filled me up
  • Spending loads of time outside and in nature
  • Living cyclically

What does safety look like for you?

Step 3: Make Time And Space

Our current culture is too loud, too fast, and just too damn much. ALL.THE.TIME. In order to even hear what the universe is trying to tell you, show you, or guide you to, you need loads and loads of quiet time, down time, and literal space from outside influence. Make time in your schedule daily for quiet. Then double it. I’m serious. Make twice as much time as you think you need or want. Have so much down time that it gets uncomfortable and weird. Work through that fear and uncomfortable feeling that first comes along with this shift. This is where some magic happens. Then, see what messages you hear.

Step 4: Practice

Practice involves two main aspects

  1. Stop looking outside of yourself for answers. That means take a break from Google or asking your bff what to do.
  2. Gain experience by listening and taking small actions daily. That little voice or knowing, it needs to be flexed a bit in order to get stronger.

There Is No Going Back

Have you seen those videos on TikTok, or wherever you watch videos, where the color blind person puts on the special glasses and now all of a sudden they can see the full spectrum of colors?? I literally cry every single time. The emotion and rawness gets me. It’s like that. The weird unexpected side effect is that once you start seeing and listening to your intuition, you can’t unsee or unfeel or unknow it.

You can try to ignore it, sure, but it will come right back harder, faster, and stronger with a yell or a slap. Really though, why would you want to ignore it? Sure, sometimes our intuition can give us little nudges that are not super convenient or even our most wanted messages. No one ever said life would be exactly what our ego wanted anyway. Intuition does give us the most direct path to everything that is in our best and highest good. It’s like a road map to personal success or the ability to see colors when you couldn’t before.

Going back to the old way of seeing things then feels depressing and icky. Things really start to shift and change quickly after that. Life is filled with more flow and less force. Yes, there will be struggles and obstacles, but they all lead you to exactly where you are supposed to be.


Maybe you have had this little nudges but didn’t know what to do with them. Or maybe you feel tired of spinning on the hamster wheel and are ready to find your path. Maybe, like me, you have just had this feeling for years (decades) that you know there has to be something more to it all. Whatever your personal reason is for wanting to develop your intuition, a 90-minute intensive is the place to start.

90-minute intensives are 1-on-1 coaching sessions with Candice that help you create a plan for your intuitive development. Using the steps above, but tailored to your individual situation, you will work together to bring you back home to the wisdom and power you hold within. You will walk away with action steps to get you tapping into your intuition in the days and weeks to follow AND a plan to maintain your intuitive practices and develop your abilities into the future. Email candicemcurrie@gmail to get on the list.

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