Tip Tuesday: Week 1 Whole30 Thoughts

As I sit typing this, I am on Day 3 of Whole30. I have a lingering headache that is dull but there. It has been there since yesterday. The truth of it is I feel hungover, without the drinking. As a relatively “healthy” eater, my system sure is having a tough time. That is okay and totally normal. It takes about 2 full weeks to feel good. That is 14 days of clean, whole, unprocessed eating. Patience and planning are key. Definitely not for the faint of heart, but something that I think everyone should try once in their life. In our modern society, I do not think most of us are aware of what we are putting in our body. Unless it is literally fruit, vegetables, or meat, do you know what is in or on your food? I know I turn a blind eye to ingredient lists. This junky feeling is a reminder to me that what I have been putting in my body really has not been providing me adequate nutrition and may be causing some less-than-desirable issues (bloating, weight gain, inflammation, energy crashes, etc).

Community Support

I mentioned above that patience and planning are key. The definitely are, but I can already tell that the X-factor in my success are the other people on the journey with me. The handful of participants in the group have been such an awesome resource to lean on. Both for meal ideas and for venting. Having a headache for a few days is not fun, but there is a bit of solace that comes when you know other people are right there with you.

Keep it Simple

I went into this knowing I would not want to be planning and preparing elaborate meals. So I took the easy route, especially for week 1. I follow the template, but it is very very basic. Protein, lots of veg, healthy fat, maybe a side of fruit. 3 meals a day. That is it. No elaborate recipes or casseroles for me. Keep it simple, keep it nutritious, keep it satisfying. I did splurge on some Whole30 sauces to make sure I was not going to feel deprived of flavor. Have you done a Whole30 before? What was your first week like? Any tips for success and sanity?

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