Using Massage As A Tool

Ready to use massage and bodywork as a tool instead of being dependent on it??

I am telling you it is absolutely worth it to be uncomfortable for a couple weeks in order to make some progress on the areas where you are stuck.

How To Use Massage As A Tool

  1. Spread out your appointments. Give your body a chance to yell at you.
  2. When your body starts “yelling” with tension, aches, and pain, ask yourself why? Where is this coming from? Specifically, what muscles do I feel it in? What am I doing that is making it worse?
  3. Get to know your body. Touch it. Look in the mirror. Read about it. Watch some YouTube videos on stretching and mobility. Do your research. Everyone I know has a body, its time we figured out how these things operate.
  4. Use your massage and bodywork sessions as a way to connect and learn more about your body and how things are connected.
  5. Do not immediately try to mask the aches and tension and stress that are uncomfortable. Try to learn from them.
  6. Ask yourself what shifts in your lifestyle, work, and relationships could help alleviate the strain on your physical body.

It all comes down to taking personal responsibility for your body and using bodywork as a resource to help you learn and connect more. It is okay to be uncomfortable in the process. That is going to be the catalyst for you to make real progress.

And I literally lose $$ on giving you this advice. To me, it is all about supporting people as they become aware and connected again to their bodies. Not the most popular way to be a massage therapist, but it’s honest work and I am slightly obsessed with it.

What would be the hardest part for you in this process?

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