Using Massage As A Crutch

🙋🏻‍♀️🙋🏻‍♀️ totally guilty of all of these up until a month ago. What’s your favorite way to depend on massage therapy and bodywork?

As always, no shame, no guilt, just awareness.

Ways We Depend on Massage

  1. Going regularly. I’m talking every 1-4 weeks kind of regular. When you feel the tension coming, but you know you have that appointment scheduled so you wait to have them fix it for you.
  2. Not doing the stretches, exercises, or foam rolling consistently then wondering why the massage “isn’t lasting”. Then scheduling even more frequently.
  3. Sleeping during your massage sessions or using it as an escape.
  4. Using massage as a way to continue bad habits instead of facing them head on. If your body feels good after massage, then maybe that 10 hours in front of a screen isn’t that bad after all.
  5. Using massage to only address the physical aspects of pain and avoiding the emotional, mental, spiritual, and energetic reasons.

I have been so guilty of all of these. Up until 1 month ago, I was doing every single one. There is never any judgement and these things aren’t “bad”. As I do with the clients on my table, I am bringing awareness. Any tough ones you see on the list?? What did I miss?

I have started to see that the cost of these habits are not only adding up, but delaying true healing and living well. Simply looking at the numbers, how can we justify the recurrent cost of alleviating symptoms without addressing that causes? As a person who has made a living on this, I hope you can see why I have changed my business dramatically. Its because as a receiver of this work and a practitioner of this work, I couldn’t justify it. My new services and rates reflect this change and offer insights into where this work can take you when you are ready.

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