Tip Tuesday: Rethink Your Drink

April showers are here, and it is a perfect time to think about whether you are getting enough water in your body on a daily basis. So first off, why do we need water? The simple answer: your body uses water to help it do various jobs throughout the body. If you do not have enough water, your body cannot do the things it needs to do to keep working. Things like transporting nutrients around the body, regulating your body temperature, fight illness, and getting rid of waste. So this week’s tip is to….

Switch to Water

Are you drinking coffee throughout the day, or maybe you have a diet coke habit that gets in the way of drinking enough water? Just start with switching 1 cup of coffee, soda, or other drinks to a cup of water. Easy enough, right? Small changes, lead to bigger results. There is nothing wrong with enjoying coffee or soda once in a while, but if ALL of our fluid intake comes from beverages other than water, it may lead to bigger problems down the road. So while I say start with a simple swap, each week, swap out another cup for water. Eventually, water is the primary beverage you are drinking and everything else is a bonus. Herbal tea and fruit-infused water are great ways to drink water with a little extra flavor, as well.

Stay tuned for more tips throughout the month of April on how to increase your water intake!

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