Tip Tuesday: How to Nourish Your Body

The last few posts I may have gotten on my soap box a bit. Sorry?! I do not know if I really need to apologize. This is a topic I have become super passionate about. Giving my body adequate nourishment has literally changed my life. I do not say that lightly either. As you can imagine, I just want to shout it from the rooftops. And hey, I have a blog, social media, and a business to use as my platform, so why not?

So you may be on board with the idea of nourishing your body, but you do not know where to start. The first few steps are very simple and often things you already know about. The important thing is to make these things your #1 priority. Do a little experiment with me. You all know how I love experiments, right? 30 days of making these things a priority and I can’t wait to hear about it.

#1 Eat Frequently

This means stop with the intermittent fasting. I am especially looking at the ladies in the crowd. Fasting and going long periods of time without eating is so darn stressful on your internal systems. It creates a rollercoaster for blood sugar and hormones. Not eating does 2 things that are very detrimental. First, it signals our body to break-down tissue to create energy. This uses A TON of nutrients and leaves us more depleted. Second, it sets the stage for our body to STORE energy (aka fat) because our biology is catered to survival.

Eating frequently creates a safety net for our bodies and brains. We know that we have access to food, we feed ourselves, we do not need to store extra for survival. It also helps to manually regulate blood sugar if we eat the right combination of foods. When our blood sugar is regulated, we don’t crash, have mood swings, or find it necessary to binge after “being good” or restricting ourselves for days or weeks on end.

#2 Food Before Coffee

Caffeine is a stimulant that a lot of people use as a drug. Tired? Coffee. Dragging? Coffee. Those feelings are symptoms of a greater problem and masking them with coffee actually fuels the cycle. The good news is you do not need to go cold turkey without your cup of joe. You just need to nourish your body properly BEFORE you reach for the K-cup. That means a protein-rich breakfast balanced with a carbohydrate (think a couple eggs with some ripe, yummy fruit). This allows your body to process the caffeine more effectively without the crash later in the day (and reaching for yet another coffee).

Not hungry in the morning? Yet another symptom of a metabolism that is stunted. Fake it til you make it. Try to eat within 1 hour of waking up. Start small. Before you know it, your stomach will be talking to you as soon as you open your eyes.

Thats it! Start there

Then let me know what happens Candice@optimizeyoumi.com

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  1. Vickie Blankenship Avatar
    Vickie Blankenship

    Oh geez! You got me on both of these. 🤦🏼‍♀️ I have coffee first because I can’t eat for an hour after taking my thyroid meds in the morning. Which often leads to skipping breakfast. Working on that tomorrow.

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