Tip Tuesday: Chew Your Food

August slips by in the blink of an eye. The last couple weeks we have taken a look at how we can take back our time. We prioritized and scheduled, then we decluttered. This week, I want to tackle another thing we tend to race through or do on auto pilot: EATING.


If you are anything like me (I’m guilty of this too), sometimes breakfast is chugging a glass of juice and eating at the counter while I pack up the kids’ stuff for the day. Or maybe it looks like eating lunch while checking emails or scrolling social media. It could even be a fast food dinner in the car while shuttling kids around. Life is full, I get it. We have to eat to survive. But what if I told you that HOW we we eat is almost as important as WHAT we eat. Chewing is a VERY important part of digestion. It is the first step in the process of breaking down food into smaller parts that our bodies will then go on to break down further and absorb for energy and nutrients.

The challenge

This week I want to challenge you to sit down for at least 1 meal per day and be present. This is best done solo, actually, to avoid distractions. Your 100% attention should be on your meal. Not on chatting with your partner or watching TV. Sit down, take a bite, chew it thoroughly, enjoy it. Then just see what happens. I guarantee you, it is going to feel very uncomfortable at first. It may feel like you have too much to do or better things to do or it just may feel awkward. The more you do it it, the more easy it gets. I promise you, your body and mind will thank you for slowing down.

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