Tip Tuesday: Avoid Post-Winter Stiffness

It wasn’t just us that was stuck inside for the winter, it was our muscles too. When you start to move a bit more, you may notice that things feel a little stiff or stuck. That is a common complaint, and, thankfully, there is something we can do about it. The truth is that muscles adapt to our lifestyles. So if you have been sitting in your favorite chair, working from home at the kitchen table, or driving a lot, the muscles will start to take on the length (or shortening) of that position. So you will have tightness in the front of the hips, rounding forward of the shoulders, and an overall decrease in muscular strength along the back of the body. Unfortunately, when we stand up or start to move, the muscles feel “stuck” in that sitting position. This can create tugging on the pelvis, ribs, and shoulders that leads to tension, pain, and even injury in those areas. Todays tip to help avoid post-winter stiffness is…

Switch It Up

  • First, become aware of your movement (or lack thereof) habits. Do you sit for long periods of time? Are you on your feet all day? How do you sit? How do you stand?
  • Second, add some variety to your sitting and standing. Remember that your muscles adapt to what you do. If your hips are tight from sitting too long, take more standing and walking breaks throughout the day.
  • Third, start a stretching routine. Find 10 minutes in your day to stretch your full body. Spend extra time on the tighter areas.

Move Your Body

What it comes down to is making sure you are moving well and often. Postural misalignments and prolonged sitting will have you feeling stiff as a board. Become aware of your habits and patterns, and start to implement small changes. If you need help with this please reach out!

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