Burnout Buster #5: Ladies, Cater to Your Biology – Follicular Phase

I get it, not everyone loves talking about menstruation and their periods. I do hope that if you got anything out of last weeks post it is this: we are cyclical beings and rest/menstruation sets the stage for the rest of the cycle. If you were able to give yourself down time, analyze your life/relationships/work, and nourish your body, the rest of your cycle becomes a lot more enjoyable and productive.

Today, we get into the true beginning of our cycle. Remember, we only use the menstrual phase as Day 1 out of convenience for tracking. Truly, our cycle begins as our body starts to prepare the egg. This all happens during the Follicular Phase. Our hormones are rising, we are starting to get our energy back. So let’s just dive in to how we can support ourselves during this phase.

Follicular phase

As briefly mentioned above, the follicular phase is the preparation of the egg. This takes up the first half of your period. Right after menstruation and leading up to the moment we have been waiting for, ovulation. Remember, whether we are trying to have children or not, our biology is wired to create. So even if you plan on never having children or not having any more children, it is still in your best interest to get this system running smoothly as it affects all other systems. This phase can best be compared to our inner Spring. We are coming out of our hibernation with more energy and increased mood. Don’t jump the gun just yet though, this is still not the time to go into super-woman mode with all the things.

Support During the Follicular Phase

While the menstrual phase was all about rest and analyzing, the follicular phase is all about preparing and planning. Our creative juices are flowing and we have lots of big ideas, BUT it is very important to take the time to plan and not just dive into the work. We will get to that part, I promise. Fill in your planner, brainstorm, and set your intentions. Movement wise, it is all about having fun and getting your body moving. Something you enjoy like biking, dance, or a cardio class. Your energy is growing throughout the phase, so listen to the intensity that feels best for your body.

The follicular phase is also a great time to try something new. With your growing energy and confidence, take a risk and step outside your comfort zone a bit. Nutrition wise, fresh and lighter foods feel good and nourish us during this phase. Make sure to get enough protein to help your bodies building processes though.

Looking Ahead

A lot of us feel very comfortable in the follicular phase. Our growing energy and innate sense to plan and prepare is a very safe place to be. Coming up next is an even more enjoyable place for most of us, ovulation. Ovulation feels good because we are firing on all cylinders and really getting S#*T done. Can you see, though, how none of that is possible if we first do not rest, analyze, plan, and prepare?!? The ovulation energy is strong and can get a bit wild if we do not harness it effectively. We will definitely dive into that next week. For now, focus on how each phase, each season serves an equally important purpose. Keep asking yourself, today and every day, “What can I do today to support my cycle?” I swear to you, magical things will happen when you start tuning in.


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