See What Is Possible

In order to see what is possible for us, we have to take a super honest inventory of where we are and check in on all the ways we are blocking ourselves.

That’s right. It isn’t your parents or your spouse or the institutions. How are you keeping yourself stuck?

Can you see what is possible?

Can you see what is blocking those things?

I can.

I see these things because I feel them in your body. On my massage table, I feel the ways you are blocking, starving, depriving yourself of all the things you dream of. I can teach you how to find, feel, and release those. Let’s see what is really possible. The weird and unexpected side effect of knowing? You will never not know after that.

Now scheduling Intuitive Bodywork and Tension Mapping sessions.

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  1. […] I encourage you to take a look at any back, hip, and pelvis concerns and see if there are any other major lifestyle factors, changes, or instability that are also contributing. See the connections between those identity shifts and how the pelvis responds. This is what my Holistic Bodywork is all about. When all the usual ways of addressing your concern aren’t working, it is time to look deeper. […]

  2. […] me these days. I started this work because I knew I couldn’t keep living sick and isolated. I continue this work because my life and the amount of love in it has become something beyond my wildest dreams. […]

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