Protective Armor and Cleansing

Image of armor with caption protective armor and cleansing: A guided visualization for empaths. Also a way to address persistent back tension.

Upper back tension is often a protective armor. To release upper back tension, lets run through a guided visualization of taking the armor off and cleansing our energy. As an empathetic, sensitive, and intuitive person, I feel and carry a lot. Some of it is mine, but some of it is also from other people. I have had several conversations with clients who experience this as well. It has been an important practice of mine to become aware of when my body is guarding and creating armor (via tense muscles) to protect me from things. That is my cue that I need to do a cleansing and clearing.

That is what this guided visualization can offer. I walk you through getting into your body, feeling the places that are guarded, taking off the armor, and clearing your energetic field. Then, you get to decide if you need to put your armor back on or if you can continue without it.

Make this a daily practice and let me know what it feels like to release upper back tension and take a break from the protective armor.

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