Cultivating Gratitude Audio Guided Practice


An instant download of a 15-minute audio recording guiding you through the practice of cultivating gratitude. We go through the process of creating safety, opening, noticing, appreciation, and expression.


Take this practice a step further with an 1-on-1 Gratitude Cultivation session with Candice.


A 15-minute audio recording guiding you through a practice step-by-step to cultivate more gratitude.

Step 1: Create safety within.

Step 2: Open and become receptive.

Step 3: Notice

Step 4: Appreciate

Step 5: Express


Don’t forget your PDF cultivating gratitude guide as well!

A beautiful guided practice in learning the difference in your body of what it feels like to live in gratitude vs. a state of complaint and criticism. An equally powerful practice for those either finding themselves stuck or wanting to take their growth to the next level. Can be used by the individual or in conjunction with 1-on-1 coaching with Candice.


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