It Is Okay To Change

I built this business in a time of great need.

I joined Dr. Kim at BYLC as an employee and massage therapist in 2019. I was going crazy staying at home with young children and was slowing losing myself. Being a massage therapist was my identity pre-kids and I wanted part of that back. It was just what I needed at that time. An easing back into the working world.

Then came 2020 and a divorce. I needed to build a business that would support me fully financially and help me rebuild myself. This was a trial by fire type of situation, especially amid a pandemic. Everything worked out and once again was exactly what I needed.

2021 was a big year for personal growth and full finding of my authentic self. The business was stable and I had a lot of room to make myself a priority.

Now in 2022, I see that my business is operating a few steps behind who I actually am. Yes, it is paying the bills and feeding my ego, but I’m ready for MORE. I am ready for it to feed my SOUL.

So comes the shift.

Away from therapeutic massage and flashing my credentials and certificates and into intuitively guiding people into their own power to feel damn good in their bodies.

This is almost cringe worthy. Like, I am sweating writing this. What are people going to think of me? They must think I have gone off the rails. I’ll lose my credibility. I’ll lose my clients. And the truth is that although those things may happen on a small scale, it doesn’t change my mind.

This is who I have become and I would rather operate in a fully authentic manner than minimize my potential to keep the status quo.

Am I throwing away years and years of hard work and hustle, absolutely not. That knowledge and experience serves me every single day. I am just bringing my business along for the journey instead of compartmentalizing business Candice and real-life Candice.

Now scheduling Tension Mapping sessions. The first step in working together to build awareness on your bodies areas of tension and the root causes.

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