New Year, New Word

Quote about importance of focus.

Confession: I stopped making New Year Resolutions a few years back. I am one of those people that if I don’t like something or it feels like it is holding me back, I just make a change. Right then and there, I make a decision to shift. It doesn’t matter the time of the year. I do tend to make goals seasonally and adjust things based on my cycle, however. So when it comes to the New Year, I have gotten into picking a word to focus on throughout the coming year. I absolutely love this practice.

Focus and Intention

Picking a word gives me something POSITIVE to focus on. My thoughts, my behaviors, and my actions are all run through the filter of the word that I pick for the year. I take weeks to pick my word. It is full of intention of what I want the year to look like. Then I finally sit down in a meditative state and ask the energy and the word to make itself known to me. Magically, it is there and ready to take me through the year ahead.

Words of Past

Alright, I am really showing my whole hand here, but here are my words from the last few years. There has definitely been growth.

2020: Fuck that. Can you believe that I picked this word (phrase) before Covid happened? Wow. Talk about personal life and society having parallels. This was the year I set the intention to say no. Fuck no. That isn’t for me. It was the year it all came undone.

2021: Abundance. This served me so so well. I learned how to receive love, money, and support. This was a beautiful year of learning.

2022: Deeper. I had just scratched the surface in the previous couple years. I was much stronger and ready to dig deeper. This was the year of mind boggling self-growth, better relationships, and finding my gifts.

Drum Roll Please

Looking back on the old words helps me to see just how far I have come. It is absolutely wild. Each of those words is a brick that is building a solid foundation. New Year, new word. So my word for 2023 is BUILD. I am looking to build

  • A life full of love, space, and abundance
  • Connection with my children
  • A healthy and beautiful relationship, marriage, and home with my man
  • A business that supports and brings out my gifts to share
  • Wealth to be able to allow the space and openness

So I will be building in 2023. What are your New Year traditions? Are you a resolution, goal or word person? I would love to hear.

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