New Service: Tension Mapping

As mentioned vaguely in social media posts, a couple emails, and conversations with some of you, things are shifting in my business. I have come to this beautiful point in my life where I am ready for my work to be more in alignment with my life. I am ready to really step into my SOUL work. I know that I have so much more to offer, and I’m ready to bring it. Tension Mapping is a way for me to combine my knowledge and experience of muscles with my intuitive feeling of what is underneath it.

What Is Tension Mapping?

Tension mapping is an extremely in-depth hands-on session of mapping all the tension in the body. This session takes up to 2 hours and will cost $200. The client and I work together to bring awareness to isolated muscle tightness and also patterns of tension within groups of muscles. I literally “map” this out on paper. Then, intuitively and with help of resources, the client and I work together to see what lifestyle/mental/spiritual/emotional factors may be contributing to the ongoing and persistent physical manifestations and tension.

After the initial tension mapping session, your homework becomes to take your “map” and what resonated with you during the session and just observe how your body responds to those lifestyle/mental/spiritual/emotional factors.

Follow-up sessions involve check-ins with the original map and how things have shifted through building awareness and utilizing the tools. Then together, we work through somatic exercises, breath work, and light hands-on touch to move the tension out of the body. This is a very active experience for the client instead of me passively massaging and releasing. I teach you the tools you need to release the tension, and we practice it together. Think of it like this, when you want to build muscle and you work with a personal trainer, the trainer doesn’t lift the weights for you. You know that you have to put in the work to get the results.

I have found that I have gotten really really good at releasing tension for people. Then it comes back over and over again. Great for repeat business, but this truth has not felt good for me. I want to dig deeper and give you the tools you need to truly live a life that feels good.

What About Therapeutic Massage?

The truth is, I am not completely sure what this means for all of my current therapeutic massage clients and my work in that area. For now, those services remain. Honestly, that work pays the bills. It definitely serves a purpose at this point to maintain some stability through this time of major transition.

I would encourage those current clients that are feeling a pull or a draw towards Tension Mapping and digging deeper into root causes of tension to do so. This is a great way to tune into your body and what it is telling you. Sessions can be scheduled online or by texting (517) 234-4420.

Full list of current service offerings and descriptions are found here.

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