Massage and Holistic Bodywork Services

At Optimize You, we utilize massage and holistic bodywork services to address the on-going and persistent issues that keep you from feeling good in your body and in life. Candice is dedicated to using these modalities to address the underlying causes of your concerns, not just the symptoms. Although, people do say the experience is relaxing, the focus of our sessions together are to become aware of body tension patterns. We then addressing the lifestyle factors that are reinforcing those patterns.

Starting 1/1/2023, these are the services offered. These services focus on the idea of using massage as a tool instead of a crutch. My aim is to help create awareness around your body’s needs and how to feel good long-term. More information on rates here.

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Persistent Back Tension

Guided Visualizations

Level 1 Introductory Work

Therapeutic Massage

Deep tissue, therapeutic work, focused on creating awareness on why you are experiencing the symptoms you have, releasing muscular tension, and providing you with recommendations to help alleviate. LIMIT 1 every 2 months.

As you can see, there are limits on the frequency of these services. If you need to be seen more frequently because your symptoms impair your life, work, working out, or sleep, I recommend we move forward with one of the Level 2, 3 or 4 services.

Level 2 Moderate Intensive Work

Holistic Bodywork

Holistic bodywork addresses the mental, emotional, spiritual, energetic aspects of tension in the body. These sessions can be used as a stand alone to gather more insight into persistent or bothersome areas. I will offer suggestions to help move forward so the physical body can release and feel better. It can also be used post TENSION MAPPING to see how things have shifted.

Corrective Exercise Training

Corrective exercise training addresses the physical aspects of aches and pains including posture, muscle imbalances, range of motion, tightness, weakness, and more. We begin with posture, mobility, and range of motion assessments to determine any muscular imbalances. Then we create a treatment plan that involves massage, foam rolling, stretching, and exercises to address the areas of concern. You follow through with the plan as instructed, then we reevaluate as needed.

Level 3 Deeper Awareness Work

Tension Mapping

Tension Mapping is a head-to-toe look at where the body is holding tension with an added bonus of intuitive insight into why it is there. We look at mental, emotional, spiritual, and energetic aspects of where tension is held in the body and how that is affecting the physical body. Tension Mapping sessions are about 2 hours long. This is an in-depth assessment that gives us the information we need to continue our work together. Follow up with an intuitive bodywork session to see how things have shifted in the physical body after making shifts in lifestyle, emotional processing, clearing mental blocks, etc.

Level 4 Transformation Work

1-on-1 Coaching

We work together to build awareness around blockages that are keeping you stuck, in pain, and exhausted. Coaching goes a step beyond just massage and holistic bodywork though. This work involves deep introspection, personal responsibility, action, and integration. All with the guidance and support of someone who has been there before and has the tools and map for you. Step 1 is to book a free consultation by emailing Subject “FREE CALL”.

If you have any questions about where to start, please text (517)234-4420 and Candice will be happy to point you in the right direction.