Massage Addiction

I (Candice Currie) used to get massages ever 1-2 weeks. I haven’t had a massage in 2 months. Now… why would I tell you this? Because I want you to know what you are capable of doing and feeling like.

Massage and bodywork can be really beneficial IF YOU USE IT AS A TOOL. And I was using it as an easy button. I know its hard to let go of something that feels soooooo good, but just trust me on this one. The wait and end results are worth it.

I was a massage addict and thought I needed them in order to do my job and not be sore and achy every day. The truth was, getting massages all the time was keeping me stuck in the loop. I haven’t had a massage in 2 months and I feel really good.

It’s been a process over the last few months of figuring some things out, but I am ready to share it with you. Show you how to break the massage habit and feel really damn good.

Now offering tiered work to match your needs and level of commitment.

Level 1: Therapeutic Massage

Level 2: Corrective Exercise or Intuitive Bodywork

Level 3: Tension Mapping

Level 4: 1-on-1 Coaching

You may have figured out that I don’t run my business like normal. I don’t like profiting off of pain and I really don’t like people becoming dependent on my services. I am here to teach and to guide you back into your body. Making money this way feels a heck of a lot better. Rates for each service are similar so that you may choose a service that fits your level of readiness and depth.

Oh AND online sessions coming sooooon!

Full list of current service offerings and descriptions can be found here.

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