Just Not Ready

We can be very attached to the stories held in our bodies.

“I am a Mom/Dad”

“I need to lose more than a few pounds”

“This is just my personality”

“I am a hard worker”

“I’m just getting old”

“I’m too busy”

I have been listening a lot lately to the stories people tell themselves about their lives, their bodies and their pain. I can’t help but feel that this creates a reinforcement loop. You start to identify with the story and it becomes part of who you are. It takes the power out of your hands and passes on responsibility to the circumstance. And it keeps you stuck.

This shows up like persistent areas of tension. Constantly having one injury after another. Too tired to actually do anything about it. And the list of physical symptoms goes on.

Some people aren’t ready for this type of work and that is totally okay. I see where you are at and if you are not fully open and willing to look below the surface, the physical then that is okay. That’s where you are at right now and that is exactly where you are supposed to be.

This work is deeper and may open up some stuff that has been packed away in your “body suitcase”. Beliefs, patterns, stories, trauma, injuries, fears, accidents… it’s all in there.

It’s okay if you aren’t ready… but maybe you are.

Ready to let go of some things? Ready to feel good in your body?

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