Is Intuitive Bodywork For You?

If any of these are you, this is the sign to get on the schedule for Intuitive Bodywork.

  1. You have the same issue(s) recurring and persisting
  2. You have an injury that came about during a stressful or emotional time in life
  3. Nothing else has worked. You have tried Physical Therapy, Chiropractic, Massage, etc and it is still there.
  4. You are tired of being dependent on bodywork services and practitioners to feel good
  5. You sense there is a deeper reason for the physical ailments but can’t quite pinpoint it

Intuitive Bodywork sessions are hands-on sessions that offer another perspective rather than just looking at the physical aspect. We uncover causes rather than soothe symptoms. The rates are the same as Therapeutic Massage, but the results will take you much further.

One response to “Is Intuitive Bodywork For You?”

  1. […] Actually, most modern diagnoses are just symptoms of bigger things. They aren’t THE thing. So if a symptom is a sign or indication of something else, then why would we try to silence the symptom? That is symptom chasing. Bouncing around from symptom to symptom trying to minimize it or make it go away. All without listening to what it is really telling us. Like pulling the leaf off of a dandelion instead of digging up the roots. Our western medical system is built on this. I don’t know about you, but it doesn’t seem to be working all that well. We seem to be getting more ill and less functional by the decade. It is pervasive both in internal medicine and in physical medicine. My focus is on the latter. How our physical bodies function and offer little breadcrumb messages towards true health. […]

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