Guided Visualizations

waterfalls on rocky mountain

Did you know that I have a couple guided visualizations recorded and accessible 24/7 on my website? I recorded and posted my second visualization today titled Water and Stone Grief Clearing. After I made it live on the website, I realized that people may not know about these offerings… so here I am telling you they are there.

This Water and Stone Grief Clearing is loosely based on a visualization I did with a client during an Intuitive Bodywork session earlier this week. It was so powerful during that session that I knew I wanted to record something similar for more people to have access to. Plus, it offers a sneak peak at some of the tools we use during an Intuitive Bodywork session for those that have been curious.

Another recording that helps with persistent back tension is the Removing of the Armor guided visualization. This one is great for empaths or anyone who has persistent and ongoing tension especially in the upper back.

My other recording is this Guided Body Check-In. This is a great resource for anyone looking to connect back into their physical body more often. I hope to continue offering these recordings as a resource to use at home and on the go.

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