Tip Tuesday- Curiosity And Cold Showers

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Some of you may already know that I like to really geek out over anything anatomy, physiology, and health (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical) related. I find something and I just dive in with research, reading, podcasts, and talking about it non-stop. So when my good friend Dottie (https://dottiefuller.wordpress.com/) introduced me to the Goop Lab on Netflix, I was hooked. One of the first episodes she showed me featured the famous Wim Hof. That guy is such a personality, but more than that, he is definitely on to something in regards to his mindset work and overcoming being uncomfortable. Not only that, but our body’s physiological responses to certain stimuli.

lifestyle experiments

I mention to people all the time that I like to “try things out” and see if they work for me. Some of you may have been following along last summer when I tried out the Whole30. Spoiler alert: that DID NOT work for me. I also have tried out 30 days of meditation, journaling, focusing on sleep, etc. I will try anything for a short amount of time to see if it adds to my well-being.

So Dottie and I got to talking, and we both wanted to try out some of Wim’s methods. She was interested in the breathing techniques and I thought I could dip my toes into the cold showers, to start. Then we got to talking about not only doing these experiments, but then sharing our story with all of you via podcast. This is still definitely in the infancy stages of brainstorming, but I am so excited at the idea of bringing two of my favorite things together: lifestyle experiments and conversations with Dottie.

Cold Showers

I am getting slightly ahead of myself on the whole podcast idea, but I am certainly following through on my cold showers. I have been starting with 30 seconds at the end of my regular shower and I will build up from there. Today was Day 2 and it is borderline torture in the moment, but I feel pretty good afterwards. I will keep you all updated on how long I keep this up and if I notice any benefits. The goal is 2 weeks. I am also going to look into some of the breathing techniques meant to accommodate the cold

Is there anything you have experimented with over the last year? I would love to hear about it!

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