Commit To Yourself

Latching on to that falling off the wagon post from the other day… I just want to make sure you know that it’s okay to try and fail and learn what is and isn’t for you.

Always coming back to yourself and deciding what feels good in your body.

The gym is not my thing. The woods are.

Doing the same workout with progressions is not for me. Looking at where I am at in my cycle and going based on that is.

Intermittent fasting makes me angry and anxious.

Eating every 3 hours fuels my body and keeps me pretty even keeled.

I like cold showers in the spring and summer. Cozy blankets and robes in fall and winter.

The thing you may be forcing yourself to do just might not be true for you. But never give up. Commit to yourself over and over again and the things that are true will stick.

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