Change Your Life, Change Your Body

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From a very simplified view, our bodies are a reflection of our life. We can see and feel the (unprocessed) past and present. An old injury, stored trauma, low self-worth, relationship conflicts, and muscles adapting to laborious or sedentary jobs. It is all in there, and lots lots more! The physical body is a reflection of and an adaptation to our past life experiences and our current circumstances. Wow, read that line again and let that settle in for a minute. This can be a hard pill to swallow for some. The reason it can be difficult is that if our bodies are a reflection of our past life and current circumstances, that means we have more responsibility and choice in what our body feels like and how it operates.

The good news is that when you change your life, your body changes as well. What I mean by changing your life is actually how you relate and respond to life. It very rarely is big sweeping changes of your external environment that make the difference. We have lots of examples of this in the health and wellness field. Small changes, compounding over time create big results.

That isn’t what I am here to talk about though. I am here to offer you an avenue to understanding what parts of your life and mindset that need to shift or past that needs more processing in order for you body to operate at its best and highest good. No special diets, hours of stretching, thousands of dollars spent on bodywork, or high intensity exercises needed. I like to approach the external physical body from an inside –> out perspective. When you change your life, you change your body. Let’s get into it.

Most Common Body Complaints

I have been a Massage Therapist for 11 years now. Before that, I went to traditional university and I have a Bachelor’s degree in Kinesiology. I say that, not to toot my own horn, but to let you know that I have seen and worked with a lot of muscular complaints and physical ailments. I was very sought out for my therapeutic massage work. Booking months in advance and turning people away. I was really really great at helping people feel good, for a few weeks. That wasn’t enough for me though. I knew that something was missing. By just addressing the physical and muscular aspects of tension, imbalances, and pain, we weren’t addressing THE THING.

With my prior experience of great but very limited success, and a whole new-to-me perspective on the physical body, I have been creating a new way of supporting my clients. I have found that most common body complaints actually stem from lifestyle, mindset, emotional, and spiritual factors. That means that massaging upper back tension does literally nothing for you if you don’t address the lack of boundaries, grief, or other reason why it is there. The symptom will be back in a matter of days or weeks.

The Body Talks

The biggest shift that has occurred in my perspective and in my work is that instead of trying to fix or quiet the symptoms of the body, I approach the body as giving us messages. Tension is an excellent guide to what needs attention, not just in our bodies, but in our lives. Depending on where the tension is and the severity of it. My gift is to help you to become aware of what the body is saying and how to interpret that into actual actionable results. Other great messages are injuries, illness, pain, limited mobility, energy levels, and our general well-being or lack thereof.

How To Change Your Body

If you are someone who is experiencing ongoing or persistent physical complaints, I urge you to consider another avenue. It is possible to feel better long-term. I know because I experience it personally and I have seen dramatic changes with my Holistic Bodywork clients. All it takes is an open mind to be able to listen to your body instead of overriding it. I have 2 great places to start, depending on what you are ready and looking for.

  1. Change Your Life, Change Your Body Package: This package includes a Tension Mapping session AND a follow-up Holistic Bodywork session. These sessions are in-depth and for the person who has done some internal work and is ready to go a layer deeper by using the body as a guide. $250 (Valued at $300)
  2. Body Reading: This is a focused session. Come ready to dive deep into 1 body area or complaint. I will read the body’s messages and we will work together to interpret what that means and how to move forward. 15 minutes pre-session interview, 30 minutes of body reading, 15 minute analysis overview. $100

Let’s work together to change your life, change your body. You can click the links above to purchase and schedule these sessions online. Also, I am happy to answer questions about these services and chatting about where you are in your feel-good journey. Please, reach out to me via email

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