Burnout Buster #6: Ladies, Cater to Your Biology – Ovulation

We have made it half way through our cycle!! We started with lots of rest and nourishment during our Menstrual Phase. Then, we moved on to planning and starting to move our bodies and try new things in the Follicular Phase. This week, we really hit our stride. Ovulation is compared to our inner Summer. I feel my absolute best self during ovulation and I’m ready to take on the world. Life just seems easier for lots of women during Ovulation. We have the extra energy, enjoy being social, and are able to push it more at work or the gym.


During the Follicular phase, our ovaries and hormones were busy preparing the egg. Ovulation is the release of that egg. It is the fertile time of our cycle. This is the time of the month we can get pregnant. The egg is released from the ovary and starts making its way down the Fallopian tube to meet up with some sperm (or not). Whether fertilization occurs depends on many factors, but we aren’t going to get into that. We are, however, going to get into how we can support ourselves during ovulation through lifestyle choices, nutrition, and relationships.

Support during Ovulation

As I mentioned earlier, Ovulation feels really great. Hormones are running high. We are kicking a$$ and taking names, getting S#*T done! We have an abundance of energy and are ready to get down to business. Not only do we have energy, but we also have a draw to connect to people. Definitely feeling more outgoing and confident and we have a desire to be more social. Makes sense biologically right? Our egg is hanging out, waiting for fertilization. Remember, our hormones have us wired for reproduction whether we want to or not. The more connection we have with others during this time, the higher the chances of reproduction. With that in mind, you guessed it, our sex drive is also increased during ovulation.

Ovulation is all about communication, socialization, and connection. Plan your lunch dates with your girlfriends, host that couples night, pitch ideas on the job, and have the important conversations. In some women, ovulation energy can fuel anxious tendencies though. This high energy time can feel overwhelming if it isn’t harnessed in a productive way.

The best way to harness ovulation energy is to make sure you have taken time to rest and recharge during the menstrual phase and then make a plan during Follicular phase. Then you can communicate those plans during ovulation and gain the collaboration and support you may need.

Ovulation energy also needs an outlet. Listen to your body, it will want to move. Think interval training, sprints, HIIT, boot camp classes, and kickboxing. Workouts with a friend or group that are challenging will be a great way to meet your needs to be social and release the extra energy before it has you up late with thoughts racing.

As mentioned earlier, hormones, especially estrogen, are peaking. Nutrition wise, we need to support our liver in processing that excess estrogen out. Your body will thank you in the form of decreased PMS symptoms. For liver and hormone support, Jessica Ash Wellness has some wonderful resources on her website, courses, and via instagram. These include things like recipes for a daily raw carrot salad and a liver support DIY drink. Food wise, think lots of fresh fruit or properly prepared cruciferous vegetables to help flush out ecess estrogen.

Wrap Up

Ovulation energy is strong and for most of us it feels great. For those with some hormone dysregulation, this is the absolute high of the roller coaster ride. While the confidence, energy, and increased sociability feel good, that extra energy pulsing through our bodies may turn to anxious tendencies if we don’t have a proper outlet. That means making sure we move our bodies and being sure to schedule in some social time with friends or partners. Nutrition wise, the focus on light and fresh will help our body process the extra estrogen to make sure we are ready for the next phase, Luteal Phase. Check in next week as we discuss coming down from the high of ovulation and how to support yourself through the remainder of your cycle.


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