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Cold Shower Update

The moment you all have been waiting for. The cold shower update is here! I have officially been incorporating cold showers into my routine for 3 weeks. I will go ahead and say that it will make a permanent place in my wellness routine. That is until winter rolls around again… but, hey, maybe I’ll … Continue reading Cold Shower Update

Tip Tuesday- Curiosity And Cold Showers

Some of you may already know that I like to really geek out over anything anatomy, physiology, and health (emotional, mental, spiritual, physical) related. I find something and I just dive in with research, reading, podcasts, and talking about it non-stop. So when my good friend Dottie ( introduced me to the Goop Lab on … Continue reading Tip Tuesday- Curiosity And Cold Showers

Tip Tuesday: Whole30 Reintroduction

Yay! Whole30 is done, now what? It is time for Whole30 reintroduction. The key to getting the most bang for your buck or just making sure that all your hard work from the last 30 days amounts to something is to spend the next 10-30 days slowly reintroducing the foods you have been missing. One … Continue reading Tip Tuesday: Whole30 Reintroduction