What Is Your Body Saying?

What if every bodily sensation we felt was a message to us?

How good have you gotten at ignoring those messages because they aren’t convenient. Our lives are operating at a pace that can make it near impossible to care for ourselves.

This morning I woke up and did my bodily check in. It doesn’t take long. I check in and see what my body is telling me. I do this every morning and then throughout the day if sensations arise.

So this morning, I felt heavy. I needed slow. I felt an ache in my heart and a longing. I needed a check in with my long-distance partner. I felt my stomach rumbling. I needed nourishing food. I felt my brain going into planning mode. I needed to prepare for the day.

I listen to these bodily sensations to build trust and safety within my nervous system. My body/mind/spirit knows that I will care for them. And then everything else falls into place. When your nervous system is grounded it becomes easier to manage every day tasks. It becomes easier to adjust to what life throws at us. We are resourced and ready. Not depleted and scraping by.

What did your body tell you today? Did you listen?

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