Why the Bare Feet?

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If you have been in for a session in the last month, you may have realized that I haven’t been wearing any shoes. Gasp! And It is not just because the heat of summer has caught up to me either. It all started leading up to my very first Tension Mapping session.

I was looking for ways to get grounded before the session. Get out of my head and into my body with a sense of calm. I wanted to go into the session with a clear head and pure energy. I didn’t want to bring any of my “stuff” into the room. No to-do lists, personal emotions, or preconceived ideas of what would happen. What better way than to actually put my feet on the ground. This isn’t some new or groundbreaking idea. I have seen it recommended in lots of books, by my therapist to help with anxious feelings, and a variety of other resources.

Get Grounded

The idea is pretty simple in that you just let your bare feet touch the ground. No shoes, no socks. Just feet to ground and adding some intention for feeling the ground beneath your feet. There are a ton of different avenues of research into the why this is beneficial. We won’t get into all of that today. I did want to touch on a few things that have shifted for me, however.

I have noticed that I am much more aware of my body. My body mechanics have definitely improved which decreases work-related aches. I am able to focus more on my client and my mind wanders less. I am much more present. Because of this presence and shift out of my mind and into my body, my intuition has been stronger than ever.

My sessions have been more in-depth, effective, and better than ever. Some clients have noticed a difference for the better and said some really positive things. All because I took my shoes off. I will definitely give all the credit to the bare feet.

It has been a mutually beneficial change that will stick around. I am still wondering what I should do when winter rolls around though. I am open to suggestions for keeping the toes warm but the feet on the ground.

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