Candice Currie, LMT, EP-C, CHC, Creator of Tension Mapping, Values-based Living Advocate

Candice Currie, Health Coach and Licensed Massage Therapist, is the heart, soul, and brains behind Optimize You. Her love for learning about the human body and dedication to sharing it with others led her to create Optimize You in 2020. (Wow, what a year to start a personal service based business, huh?)

Most importantly, Candice is living out her soul-guided purpose of guiding people home to themselves. And boy, does it come through. Combine that with her education and own personal experiences of overcoming adversity and you have a recipe for client success. These factors have allowed her to support others through the trenches in all sorts of health and life situations. At Optimize You, Candice is creating a space to support clients as they create a life that feels good.

Here, you will find the tools she uses to be simple and effective for long-lasting changes. In her hands-on bodywork, she uses her knowledge of the body, experience of body mechanics, and intuition to create awareness around tension patterns and muscular imbalances. Instead of just quieting symptoms, clients leave witha real picture of the why and how. The client results speak for themselves! She has 60+ 5-star reviews on MassageBook. During health and lifestyle coaching, she is able to guide you back home to yourself and awaken your power within. Whether it is small habit shifts or a whole lifestyle overall, Candice will support you through it.

When she isn’t working with clients, Candice can be found outside. Usually, she is working in the garden, playing soccer with her two young sons, reading books, or wandering the woods. Candice is on a personal mission to live seasonally and as self-sustainable as possible.

Ready to work with Candice Currie, health coach and massage therapist? You can schedule bodywork online here OR reach our directly for either bodywork or a free coaching consult.