A Summer For The Teachers

School is out and summer is here. The kids aren’t the only ones celebrating. So are the bodies of the teachers and school staff. The weight of the school year is off their chest. The admin and test scores aren’t breathing down their backs or giving them kinks in their necks. They don’t have the compassionate concern and worry for their students keeping them up at night. The tension dissipates and they can breathe again. Teachers carry a heavy weight and it can wear on their bodies during the school year. Now offering a Teacher Holistic Bodywork Summer Package for teachers and school staff to get you tuned in before the school year starts.

Educators go into the school year with so much hope and grace. And often come out beat up and just scraping by. School staff want to be able to finish the school year the way they started. There is something off though. I hear the build up and snowball of frustrations, exhaustion, and despair. The teachers that I talk to on a regular basis are ready to live differently. And not just in the summers. They are ready to live a life that feels good all year long.

What Can We Do?

That’s where my work comes in. My job is the guide you to hear, understand, and utilize the messages your body is giving you. Holistic Bodywork is a combination of therapeutic massage and intuitive bodywork. I feel where the tension is and what patterns are there and then we dig in to emotional, spiritual, and lifestyle factors. It really is all connected. We tend to just address the physical with massage, chiropractic, or physical therapy. I’m finding that isn’t enough. The results don’t last. No real change or progress is made when you just address the physical.

So that tension across your upper back, yeah, it is talking to you. It can tell you what boundaries need to be set or what self-care practices would be most beneficial. Or those headaches, yeah, those definitely mean something. Let’s bring some awareness to it. When we start to clue in to the messages your body is giving you, we can better understand what shifts need to be made. Not only to help you feel good now, but to get you feeling good during the school year as well.

Holistic Bodywork Summer Package For Teachers

I am offering a Teacher Holistic Bodywork Summer Package for teachers and school staff. We will do 3 – 60 minute Holistic Bodywork sessions to get you tuned in before the school year starts. Think of this as preparation and training. Priming you for the big school year ahead.

We start by getting an in idea of what your main areas of concerns are by analyzing the tension patterns involved, symptoms you experience, and any major lifestyle factors. From there we work together to create connections. This process is very introspective and meant for the person ready to look beyond relieving the simple ache or pain. You must be open to alternate explanations and willing to dig deeper or make shifts accordingly.

In this process, I am the guide and you are the doer. I help you to see the thing that needs attention and you give it the attention. It is a very active and cooperative process. Definitely not just a massage. Definitely not a quick and easy fix. But I will tell you it is so so worth it.

If This Sounds Like You

Let’s get started today! Give me a call and we will get you scheduled and rolling (517) 234-4420 or contact me here.

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