The Best Teachers

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What makes a teacher great?

A great teacher doesn’t just pass along information, facts, or advice. No, that is not at all what a great teacher does. The best teachers that I have ever had, both in school and in life, have helped me FEEL the truth and have guided me to finding the answer on my own. So, what makes a teacher great?

I can think of a ton of other words that fit better than teach.

  • Inspire
  • Guide
  • Show
  • Listen
  • Reflect
  • Question

Not Only In School

Our view is that teaching is a profession and only for school or formal education. I will argue that some of the best and most important learning has come from the teachers, who would never call themselves that, in my every day life. This includes my clients, my friends, family, neighbors, and random interactions. Everything and everyone can be our teacher if we are willing to treat them that way. As an eternal learner, this comes naturally to me. Here are some tips for finding a great teacher each and every day.

Finding A Great Teacher Daily

  • In the morning, set the intention to find a great teacher and learn something today.
  • Stay open and pay attention to random interactions or situations that pop up.
  • When you are curious about something or someone, ask questions.
  • Our phones contain unlimited information just a click away, but they keep us from experiencing what is in front of us. Put your phone away 🙂
  • Start to become an observer. Life often wants a reaction from us. Watch what happens when you take time to pause, step back, and see the bigger picture of situations.

Teachers Are All Around Us

In conclusion, I encourage you to create a broader view of what a teacher is. We are given lots of opportunities to learn long after we live the classroom. A great teacher is someone who helps us see things in a new way, especially ourselves. Lately, my body has been my biggest teacher. It has been so interesting to see what I am able to become aware of just by paying a little bit more attention AND being open to listening. If you are ready for this type of work, 1-on-1 coaching or Holistic Bodywork are great places to start.

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  1. Great teachers are warm, accessible and enthusiastic. Let’s follow each other’s blog.

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