10 Reasons Why Other Massage Therapists Give Me The Side Eye

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List 10 things you know to be absolutely certain.

Why would other massage therapists give me the side eye, you ask? Well, let me explain a little. I love bodywork and massage therapy. I love giving it and I love receiving it. My favorite thing ever is to learn about the human body and how it works. Naturally, that is why I work as a Licensed Massage Therapist and Lifestyle Coach. As a lifelong learner and self-proclaimed nerd, I am always learning and evolving personally and professionally.

Lately though, my work has taken me down a path that goes against the grain a bit. It contradicts long-held beliefs in my profession and forces me and my clients to look a few layers deeper. As you can imagine, going against the grain isn’t very popular. Well, lucky for my clients, I am here to do deep transformational work, not to make friends in my profession. So here are 10 things that I know to be absolutely certain but may have other massage therapists rolling their eyes.

  1. People do not need regular massage or bodywork to feel good on a consistent and regular basis.
  2. The mindset and emotions have a bigger role on the physical body than any stretch or exercise plan.
  3. Tension, aches, and pain are messages trying to tell you about something deeper that needs attention.
  4. Ignoring the messages, aka using massage and bodywork to alleviate symptoms short-term, doesn’t make the problem go away.
  5. By ignoring the message, true healing is put off and will then take much longer.
  6. If you have tried massage therapy, other bodywork modalities, physical therapy, chiropractic and are still having recurrent issues, it is time to look deeper at mental, emotional, and spiritual reasons.
  7. The cost of regular bodywork is astronomical.
  8. Massage and bodywork are being paraded around as self-care, but it has become another way for people to bypass and distract from making real, actual change for their health and wellness.
  9. The massage therapy industry is built on feeling good. The client feels good and the practitioner feels good for helping the client feel good. However, no one wants to talk as to why the results don’t last.
  10. Real change is F-ing hard. Introspection and taking responsibility for your body takes effort and courage. It is worth it a million times over though.

Uh oh, I really laid it all out there. Truth is, I am not like other massage therapists, neither is my work. And that is okay! That might scare some people away or make some people angry, and that is also okay with me. You can’t unsee it now. So I will keep planting the seeds and you can come right on back when you are ready to take the next step.

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